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Fountainhead Partnerships

Global thematic fund focused on long term value creation

The Fountainhead Partnerships Fund is a unique, Multi-Thematic Equity Hedge Fund for Accredited Investors. We at Fountainhead believe that success in long-term investing requires the patience of a business-owner, the temperament to navigate volatility and the attitude to conquer behavioural biases.

The Fountainhead Partnerships Fund is set up in accordance with these vital attributes, with the goal to preserve and compound capital over the long term. The Fund achieves this goal by investing in a portfolio of sustainable businesses, benefiting from secular themes across the globe and actively hedging market risk.

Fund Returns

USD 1,000,000 invested in the Fountainhead strategy on 01 January 2015 is worth USD 4,798,203 on 31 December 2023 which translates to a total return of 380% against the MSCI world return of 105% and S&P 500 Index return of 131% during the same period.

Why Fountainhead

Value Creation


Multi-Thematic Approach

The Fountainhead Partnerships Fund is focused on understanding long term investing themes. Our strategy is to achieve high risk-adjusted returns on capital for our clients by investing in a reasonably diversified portfolio of great businesses, exposed to long term societal trends. With this focus on long term returns we actively hedge the economic recession risk and take advantage of market volatility to deploy capital.


Risk Management

Fountainhead’s risk management policy is based on three key attributes:

1)   Defining and identifying risk
2)   Avoiding risk
3)   Managing risk

We believe in Ben Graham’s definition of Risk. We define it as the permanent loss of capital, or a high degree of temporary loss on investments that generates enough psychological pressure to force the temporary loss into a permanent one.


Value Investing

Fountainhead aspires to share an investment opportunity that is built on a business-ownership approach to value investing; finding growth in secular societal trends: unleashing little known compounders and avoiding large drawdowns of capital. We don’t chase returns and are comfortable having large cash positions during times of stock market exuberance. We strive to insure against impact of large stock market drawdowns on portfolio with hedging.

Responsible Investment

Fountainhead ESG Focus

Our Environment, Social, and Governance strong portfolio is a natural manifestation of our investment strategy, which focuses on sustainable businesses exposed to positive trends in society.

FHP Management Team

Portfolio Manager

Asif Ali

Asif has over twenty years of professional investing experience. Asif has successfully managed large investm...   read more

Portfolio Manager

Paul Sherriff

Paul has over twenty years of experience as an investment manager and has worked with global firms Morgan St...   read more

Portfolio Manager 

Salman Ali

Salman Ali brings more than 30 years of diversified experience of working in and covering different emerging markets...  read more

Become an investor

The Fountainhead Fund is open to participation from accredited investors

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